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Blairmhor Scotch Whisky 8 years old

Blairmhor Scotch Whisky 8 years old

Blairmhor Scotch Whisky is blended from a finely balanced selection of single malt whiskies, all distilled in traditional copper stills from fresh, clear Scottish water. Individually selected single malt whiskies work together in Blairmhor to create a rich, smooth, and balanced Scotch whisky. Our single malts are chosen from distilleries throughout the Highland and Speyside regions of Scotland, demonstrating the distinctive taste and character that have made these whiskies renowned throughout the world.

On the nose it is full-bodied, sweet and spicy revealing floral and fragrant overtones complemented with vanilla and honey.

Warm golden-amber colour

The taste is sweet and toffee-like with a beautifully smooth, long-lasting finish.

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