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Ginjô sake

Ginjô sake

The range of Ichidai-Misen sake is designed and produced by the Japanese brewery Chugoku Jozo, located not far from Hiroshima. Since 1918, this brewery has been producing prestigious nectars with the greatest care and attention, using ancestral methods passed down through the generations. Sake has been produced here since 1963 and year on year this producer has become a reference in the small world of the sake industry. In 2011, Chugoku Jozo was awarded the gold medal at the annual “Japan Sake Awards” for several gems in the Ichidai Misen range. This success, repeated in 2014 and 2015, has created real effervescence around this brand, who only recently began to export to France and now to Europe. This stunning brand shares its name with the highest peak on the island of Miyajima, one of the most beautiful historical sites in Japan, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dominating the region of Hiroshima. The brewery producing the Ichidai Misen range is situated on the opposite shore facing the famous Mount Misen: an exceptional location for an equally exceptional product.

The type of rice used gives a softness and freshness. Type of rice used: the famous Hattan Nishiki

Mellow and fruity - Apple, pear. Light: FINISH: Cereals, a touch of acidity and bitterness

Fresh and floral - White flowers, apricot


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