"FIB TRADE" Ltd. is a company whose primary business is trading with imported alcoholic beverages. Founded in 2007, the company has established itself as a leader in distributing many international brands, reaching an annual turnover of millions.

The company meets all the needs of the Bulgarian market, offering premium products and limited editions, including over 800 malt whiskeys, vodka, gin, cognac, champagne, and more. We have contracts with excise warehouses, customs, and tax warehouses in Bulgaria and Europe. We can deliver in a short time individual orders for specific and exotic drinks.

With our highly motivated team, we strive to maintain an optimal product portfolio in line with market needs and orientated to client satisfaction. For us, attitude is everything, so we rely on building long-term partnerships with our vendors, customers, and service.

In today’s competitive and constantly changing market, "FIB TRADE" Ltd. managed to evolve, increasing the number of its partners, generating growth in sales and soaring profits. Our strategic goal is reciprocity: we win, and our partners and customers win.


Certificate Excellent SME
Certificate BCCI EORI Certificate DKSBT Certificate BABH


Bulgaria, Sofia, 10, Prodan Tarakchiev str. FIB TRADE LTD, VAT No BG175263906 Rosen Gekov, General Manager





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